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Does Alphonso Corporation have a sharpening service?

We offer a sharpening service for scissors, spring scissors and rongeurs. We do not replace pins, screws or repair forceps, and only items judged serviceable by our technicians will be accepted. 

Does Alphonso Corporation have a repair service?

Alphonso Corporation does have a repair service. If any item you purchase from us is not working properly. 

Below are some specific products that over time will most likely need to be refurbished or repaired. Pricing will depend on the degree of work needed. Please contact to for pricing.

What does the Gold Handle on my Instruments mean?

Instruments with gold handles means they are made with Tungsten Carbide.

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest alloys available and lasts almost two times longer than stainless steel. Tip inlays are either glued or welded into place. For needle holders, tips can be made with a pyramid cross pattern that holds suture needles much more securely.

Compare the extra cost of these instruments with the length of useful wear, and you have a

cost effective solution for your instrument requirements.

What is Ceramic?

One of the hardest materials on Earth, ceramic is used in surgical instruments to form edges that last longer than stainless steel and even longer than tungsten carbide. Ceramic also has a high slide capacity which reduces surface tension and results in a much cleaner cut than metal instruments.

My Instruments are rusting.  What should I do?

All Alphonso stainless steel surgical instruments are manufactured from medical grade stainless steel under strict European and American standards.

Stainless steel instruments are not immune from corrosion. Under unfavorable conditions instruments may oxidize (rust) because stainless steel that is exposed to physical, thermal or chemical manipulation may lose some of its stainless properties.

To prevent corrosion, always make sure you use instruments for their intended purpose and follow the guidelines outlined below for cleaning and storing your instruments.

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